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Research Methodology II Research Synopsis

Research: Accomplishments & Goals PDF

Res. Prop. Workshop on Preparing Res. Prop.

MS-PhD Synopsis Template PDF

MS-PhD Progress Report Template PDF

Paper: Modeling  of Global Electrocort. Act. PDF

Paper: Fourth Law of Thermodynamics PDF

Paper: Modeling of Child Growth PDF

Paper: Pattern Recog. using 3-D Imaging PDF


Book Review: Battin’s Introduction to Mathematics & Methods of Astrodynamics PDF

Peer Review Clinical Biomechanics
2007 PDF 2008 PDF Proc Pak Acad Sci PDF

Paper: Einstein Equation (Cosmology) PDF

Paper: Determinant of General Tensor PDF

Paper: Sixth Paradigm of Physics PDF

Paper: Extended-X-Product Steering PDF

Paper: Dot-Product Steering PDF

Paper: Multi-Stage Lambert Scheme PDF

Paper: Multi-Stage-Q System PDF

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