Workshop on Preparing Research Proposals

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R to L: Professor Khan, Professor Kazmi
and Professor Kamal


One of the major responsibilities of faculty of a uni-versity is conduct of high-quality research, in addition to training leaders of tomorrow. It is a well-established fact that universities on the forefront of research and the dissemination of research results, rank higher as compared to those, which lag in these activities. The starting point of a research activity is the preparation of a strong proposal, which could win a grant. A Workshop on Preparing Research Proposals was organized by Office of Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Karachi on Saturday, August 16, 2008. Eighty faculty members from various Departments, Institutes and Centers of Faculty of Science attended the Workshop. Professor Dr. Shahana Urooj Kazmi, Dean, Faculty of Science, in her opening remarks, emphasized the importance of preparing good research proposals.   

proposals. Professor Dr. Mohummed Ajmal Khan of Department of Botany briefed the audience on choosing a topic for preparing a proposal. According to Professor Khan, the topic should be concise, matter of fact and realistically state the nature and the scope of work to be performed. Cöordinator of the Workshop on Preparing Research Proposals, Professor Dr. Syed Arif Kamal of Department of Mathe-matics elaborated technical aspects and showed template for preparing proposals as well as proposals, which won grants. Professor Dr. Abdul Malik of HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry discussed the factors, which are considered while evaluating proposals. The participants asked a number of questions regarding source of funding agencies, factors, which influence the award decision and protectingtheir

Professor Malik


decision and protecting their ideas from misuse. It was decided to hold a follow-up-extended workshop, in which the participants would get a chance to write proposals, which could be scrutinized during the session. Dr. Zareen Ayub of Center of Excellence in Marine Biology gave the concluding remarks. The participants were provided notes of workshop.


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