Professor Dr. Syed Arif Kamal

Ex-Program Convener, the Early Talent Research Participation Program
Project Director, the NGDS Pilot Project; Director, SF-Growth-and-Imaging Laboratory

PhD (Mathematical Neuroscience); MA, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD, USA; MS, Indiana, Bloomington, IN, USA

Member, Expert Panel (Mathematics), National Curriculum Council, Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan

Ex-Convener, Sub-Committee (Academics), the Education Committee, Transparency International Pakistan
Ex-Convener, National Curriculum Revision Committee (Mathematics), Higher Education Commission

Ex-Convener, Subject Committee (Mathematics), National Testing Service Pakistan

Member, Senate, Academic Council, Deans' Committee and Chair, Boards of Faculty (Science and Engineering)
Professor of Mathematics and Dean, Faculties of Science and Engineering

Senior-Most Professor of the University

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Office of Dean, Faculty of Science and

Faculty Office: Room No. 006, Department of Mathematics, University of Karachi, Karachi 75270, Pakistan Driving Directions View Map

Telephones: Dean Office 9926 1300-15 ext. 2255 (secretary), 9926 1077 (direct)

Faculty Office 9926 1300-15 ext. 2380

Please, refer to Working Hours, while placing a call to secretary.

Best Time to Call (on direct number):
Monday-Friday 0915h (9: 15 a. m.)

Calls within Pakistan:
021 + Phone Number

International Calls: 0092 + 21 + Phone Number

Students, who have been provided with cell number, must send SMS seeking permission to call,
BEFORE making the actual call

Local Time: UTC + 5h

For example,
Standard Time 0800h in Greenwich corresponds to 1300h (Pakistan Standard Time) in Karachi

Paper Mail (Mailing Address)
: Department of Mathematics, University of Karachi, PO Box 8423, Karachi 75270,



Working Hours: Office staff is available to assist during:



Semester Breaks






Lunch/Prayer Break (Monday-Thursday)




Lunch/Prayer Break (Friday)





Ramadhan is the month in which Muslims fast. The working hours are reduced during this
month. Its start and end depends on the local sighting of moon.


Semester schedules and breaks are according to Academic Calendar.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 0915h-1015h (Dean Office)

Appointment Procedure: If you are coming from outside, please, obtain appointment 3 days in advance,
so that security at Gate No. 2 could be informed.
Kindly, try to reach Gate No. 2 of University of Karachi
10-15 minutes ahead of actual appointment time
in order to complete formalities and to travel further
to Department of
Mathematics Building (see map). While taking appointment, please, give the following
information to the secretary:


Purpose of the Meeting


Full Name


Telephone Numbers (Office, Residence, Mobile)


Name of the Organization




Name of Department/Division


Complete Office Address


Complete Residential Address


CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) Number, Date and Place of Issue
[Foreigners: Passport Number, Date and Place of Issue]


Make/Model of Car


Color of Car


Car Registration Number, Date and Place


Name of the Person/the Organization, in whose name your car is registered


A copy of the above details should, also, be e-mailed to: sakamal(at the rate of)

Directions: University of Karachi is located on the main University Road (the road was given this name because
of location of campus of University of Karachi) in a custom-built campus on a piece of land spanning more than
1000 acres. Many other institutions of higher learning, e. g., the NED University of Engineering and Technology,
the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA),
Institute of Industrial and Electronics Engineering (IIEE), affiliated with the Pakistan Council of Scientific and
Industrial Research and the Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) are, also, located on the University Road. It is
at a convenient driving distance from the Quaid--Azam International Airport and the Civic Center (seat of the
Karachi City Government).


If you are coming from the Civic Center, drive past NIPA Roundabout. Go straight. Youll see signs for IIEE, UIT
and NED on your left hand. Next to NED youll see the
Silver-Jubilee Gate (Gate No. 1) on your left, with a large
silver sign on black marble background, saying:


Guests are NOT allowed to enter through this gate. Please, drive past. After traveling another kilometer, youll
see a Petrol Pump (Gas Station)
. Next to this pump is Gate No. 2 (see map).

If you are coming from the other side (Malir Cantonment, etc.), you will notice the oriental structure of SHAIKH
ZAYED ISLAMIC CENTER on your right hand. Go past this center, and youll see Gate No. 2 of UNIVERSITY OF
KARACHI, adjacent to Petrol Pump, also, on your right.

Please, identify yourself at Gate No. 2. In case of any problems ask the security to dial 2293 or 2380. Once
through the Security Checkpost, kindly, drive straight till you reach the end of road. Take a left turn. Youll see
a big Masjid (Muslim place of worship) on your left hand. Drive straight till you, again, reach end of road. Take a
right turn (youll see Dr. Mehmood Hussain Library on your left and
Department of Mathematics on your right
map). Go past the main entrance. You'll see a passage across. Turn left (if you turn right, instead,
youll find Office of Department of Mathematics, Room 005. After you walk past the stairs going up and the first
door, enter the passage with a blue grid on your right. The door on your left (with a black grill on the front) next
to the dead end is
my office, Room No. 006. Youll find my nameplate on the white door.


9My Office

8MatheDepartment of Mathematics

My Office, Room 006



Public Transport: If arriving at the Jinnah International Airport, take Airport Shuttle to Shara--Faisal. On Shara
--Faisal, take Mini Bus D-7 , going towards NIPA. Get off at NIPA and go to the Bus Stop in front of Nadeem Medical Center. Take Bus 11-C to Gate No. 2 (Staff Town Gate) of University of Karachi. If coming from Canton-
ment Station (Train Station), take Bus 11-C, going towards University of Karachi. From City Station (Train
Station), take Bus 8-A to reach Empress Market. Once at Empress Market, take Bus 11-C, going towards
University of Karachi. Passengers arriving from north at the Inter-City Bus Terminal, Al-Asia Square/Sohrab Goth, should take Mini Bus G-17, going towards University of Karachi (and Safoora Goth). Get down at Gate No. 2.


Taxi Services: White Cab (111 789 786) take the passengers from airport to city at reasonable rates. Be, extremely, careful, when hiring a cab from airport. SMS taxi number to one of your friends on your cell phone. Do not get into a taxi if any person is sitting with the driver.


Little Minds discuss PEOPLE!


Average minds discuss EVENTS!

Great minds discuss IDEAS!

Genius works in SILENCE!


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