Professional Skills: Entering Practical Life

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Giving Professional Skills Development Short Course, “Guidance, Navigation and Control of Spacecraft” at Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad, during the second week of
August 2006


Leadership Vision: Accompl. & Goals PDF


Mathematics-Teacher-Interview Format PDF

Professional Development Courses

Short Courses Research Methodology

Workshops Conducted

Preparing Research Proposals

Communication and Presentation Skills PDF

Seminars Given

Communication Skills Presentation Skills

Time Management Goal Setting Simulation and Soft Power PDF Intelligent Power PDF

Information Processing and Conflict Resolution PDF Conflict Resolution and Administrative Styles PDF


Papers Presented in Conferences


Mathematical Modeling of Corruption PDF Educating to Become Leader-Integrator PDF

Smart-Intelligent Power and Conflict Resolution PDF


Journal Paper


Leader-Integrator in Mathematics PDF



                                                " You urged me to try, when I gave up …….
                                               You encouraged me, when I attempted ……..
                                                You instructed me, when I progressed ………
                                                You appreciated me, when I achieved ………
                                               Dear Sir, you have helped me in every way. "

Hassan Jalees
                                                                     April 8, 2003

February 1, 2023 (0000h UTC)


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