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The NGDS Team

Professor Dr. Syed Arif Kamal, Founder, Project Director and Principal Investigator of the NGDS Pilot Project (wearing cap) has a distinguished academic career (through-
out first class first position), with four gold medals awarded for scholastic achieve-
ment. His academic achievements include breaking the record of Board of Interme-
diate and Secondary Education, Hyderabad in HSC Examination and obtaining Quaid-é-Azam Scholarship for first position (in the entire university) in MSc Examination from
University of Karachi (98.8% aggregate marks). He obtained graduate degrees from the Johns Hopkins University (United States) and Indiana University, Bloomington (United States). He held visiting positions at Malmö General Hospital (Sweden) and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (New York). He holds

a PhD in Mathematical Neuroscience. He developed models of physiological systems, which included models of the human brain, the human heart and the human spinal column.  He has over 38-year experience on the development of moiré techniques (an effective tool for the detection, the documentation, the follow up and the quantification of curvatures of spinal column, in particular, scoliosis). He developed and implemented moiré systems at Malmö General Hospital, Malmö, Sweden and the James Whitecomb Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. He lectured on moiré techniques at the Harvard Medical School (United States), the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (Italy), University of Karachi and the Aga Khan University Medical College. He trained master anhropometists of TAWANA PAKISTAN Project (2003), provided technical support to pediatricians at the Nishtar Medical College, Multan (2004) and conducted training sessions for the faculty and the students of Department of Special Education, University of Karachi to obtain anthropometric measurements of special children (2006). He has 67 research papers in peer-reviewed journals to his credit. He is a referee of Acta Paediatrica (Wiley) and Clinical Biomechanics (Elsavier). He is a member of editorial boards of FUUAST Journal of Biology and the Shield, both HEC-Recognized-Y-Category Journals.During 2012-2015, he was Member, Subject Committee, Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences, National Testing Service, Pakistan. During February-May, 2016, he was given the charge of Chairmanship of Department of Health, Physical Education and Sports Sciences of University of Karachi. During his professional career, spanning over 38 years, he had an opportunity to demonstrate his leadership potential in 24 different capacities. e-mail:  

Mrs. Nida Jamil
is a biomathematician by training. She holds MPhil in biomathematics from University of Karachi and is currently enrolled in PhD from her alma mater. She taught biomathematics to BS (Final Year) students at Jinnah University for Women, Karachi, Pakistan, where she has served for more than 14 years as faculty memeber in Department of Mathematics. She, also, remained Program Head of Department of Mathematics for some time. She is involved in research work trying to validate the concept of optimal mass, which she put forward in 2011 as part of KJK (Kamal-Jamil-Khan) Model dealing with Growth-and-Obesity Profiles of children based on a single checkup. This work formed the basis of Child-Growth-and-Obesity-Monitoring Program at Beacon Light Academy.

Shakeel Ahmed Ansari
holds MSc in Physics and MPhil in Biomathematics from University of Karachi. He is enrolled in PhD from Department of Physics, University of Karachi. He has developed methods and softwares to generate Growth-and-Obesity Roadmaps.

(Late) Mr. Syed Firdous (wearing blue shirt in photograph) has been associated with the NGDS Pilot project since its inception in 1998 till his death on June 21, 2008. In order to remember his achievements the Project Director gave his memorial lecture on March 22, 2010 and organized the First Conference on Anthromathematics in his memory. In addition, the Growth-and-Imaging Laboratory has been renamed after him.

Dr. Shah Jamal Alam constructed the prototype version of this website and developed the first-generation-growth-and-obesity software .

Dr. Kamal is an expert on applying moiré analysis to study small differences in human body topography. He will be applying this expertise in my laboratory to align electron microscopic images of macro-molecules on the basis of surface relief highlighted by molecular-shadowing techniques. The specialized nature of this work is such that few, if any, individuals are available in this country with equivalent training.

Shahid Khan
PhD (Yale); Postdoc (Caltech)
Structural Biology & Biophysics
The Albert Einstein College of Medicine (New York)
June 21, 1990

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