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Write a 4-5 pages life-history essay about yourself.                                          Printable Version PDF

The PAGE LIMIT (for life-history essay) and the WORD LIMIT (for profile, see below) must be followed, to letter.

The Hierarchy should be, somewhat, like the following:


Your Past


Where do you come from?


Education and occupation of father

Education and occupation of mother

Siblings (your number among them, what are they doing?)

Your education

Your experience


Your Present

How do you feel about your present institution?

Your strengths

Underline your principal strength

Your weaknesses

A life-history essay may reveal the
potential hidden in these young minds

Underline your principal weakness


Your future

and a caring counselor may groom them

Your life 20 years from now


Your goal in life


Strategy to:


Achieve your goal


Overcome your weaknesses


Alternative, if unable to achieve your principal goal

Short-term targets


Your philosophy of life

Purpose of life

Your view of life

The relationship of man, his immediate surroundings and the universe


The most memorable event in your life

The incident you can never forget the rest of your life


Your hero

Your source of inspiration (the personality, you admire most in life)


Your most favorite book

The book, which influenced you most


Your dream place

The country you would like to visit often, other than your country of birth/permanent residence


Turning moments in your life

How did you cope with difficult situations, in the past?

Strategy to cope with awkward situations, in the future


The golden and the darkest periods in your life

How did you handle yourself during these periods?

Did your perspective of life changed during these periods?

Did your strengths and weaknesses come to open during these periods?


Your profile

150-200 words. You may wish to see my profile.

All the information submitted in this essay shall be treated with STRICT CONDIENTIALITY and not disclosed to a third party without your express consent.  e-mail the essay to with your name and subjects in in Final Year mentioned.

The heights that great men reached and kept

Were not attained by sudden flight

By they, while their companions slept

Were toiling upwards in the night!

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