Professor Dr. Syed Arif Kamal
Program Convener, the Early Talent Research Participation Program
Project Director, the NGDS Pilot Project; HEC-Approved PhD Supervisor

MS (Indiana, Bloomington, USA); MA (Johns Hopkins, USA); PhD; Member AIAA (USA), IBRO (France)

Member, Expert Panel (Mathematics), National Curriculum Council, Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan
Convener, Sub-Committee (Schools), the Education Committee, Transparency International Pakistan
Convener, National Curriculum Revision Committee (Mathematics), Higher Education Commission

Convener, Subject Committee (Mathematics), National Testing Service

Member, Senate, Academic Council, Board of Faculty, Board of Studies; Ex-Chairman

Professor, Department of Mathematics


Office: Room No. G-5, Department of Mathematics, University of Karachi, University Road
Paper Mail: University of Karachi, Post Office Box No. 8406, Karachi 75270 (Pakistan)

Link on KU Site:
: e-mail: kamal(at the rate of)
Telephones: (92 21) 9926 1300-6 ext. 2293 (secretary), ext. 2380 (direct)
Public Profile:

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Biodata PDF





Work History


Colleges, Conferences, Events,


Fields of Interest




Seminars, Short Courses, Sym-




Professional Honors


posia and Workshops Attended


Leadership Roles


Professional Activities




Professional Mannerism


Exhibitions, Seminars and






Workshops Organized




Academic Honors


Colloquia, Guest Lectures, Pre-






sentations and Seminars Given



1. Abbreviations

1.1 Degree and Certificate Programs
(in alphabetical order)
Bachelor of Arts (two-year program)
BCom: Bachelor of Commerce (two-year program)
BCS: Bachelor of Computer Science (two-year program)
BDS: Bachelor of Dental Surgery (four-year program)
BEd: Bachelor of Education (two-year program)
BS: Bachelor of Studies (four-year program)
BSc (Hons): Bachelor of Science with Honors (three-year program)
BSSE: Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
(four-year program)
HSC: Higher Secondary Certificate Examination
IGD: Intermediate Grade Drawing Examination
LLB: Bachelor of Laws
LLM: Master of Laws
MA: Master of Arts
MBBS: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
MID: Middle Standard Examination
MSc: Master of Science (two-year program)
MS: Master of Studies

PhD: Doctor of Philosophy
SSC: Secondary School Certificate Examination

1.2 Institutions/Examining Boards
(in alphabetical order)


High-Resolution Picture

AKU: The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
BISE: Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Hyderabad, Pakistan
DE: Directorate of Education, Hyderabad, Pakistan
Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan, Sector H9, Islamabad, Pakistan
The Abdus-Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy
IU: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana 47405, USA
JHU: The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland 21218, USA
KU: University of Karachi, Karachi 75270, Pakistan
The Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan
The National University of Science and Technology, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
QAU: The Quaid-é-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan
The Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan

2. Fields of Interest

Mathematical and Computer Modeling. Human Growth & Development. 3-D Optical Imaging. Image Processing. Space-Flight Dynamics and Astrodynamics. Neural Systems and Neural Networks. Applicable Physical Mathematics. Curriculum  and Pedagogical Techniques

3. Profile

More than 29 years of research, teaching and administrative experiences in institutions of higher learning and
  R&D organizations
Research-Group Leader in Bioinformatics and Space-Flight Dynamics

Research-Productivity Allowance awarded by HEC (2003)
114 papers (102 as solo, first or corresponding author)
Rated as one of the best teachers in undergraduate and graduate courses; highest rating by experienced college

  teachers in the Six-Day-In-Service-Training Course (Mathematics for College Teachers) conducted by HEC
63 colloquia, guest lectures, presentations and seminars given
21 trainings conducted; 15 exhibitions, seminar series, conferences organized
125 colleges, conferences, events, short courses, symposia and workshops attended
A national-level project launched

Chief Guest and keynote Speaker in the Sindh Educational Conference (2009), Panelist (Panel Discussion) in
the Twelfth IEEE International Multitopic Conference (2008), Invited Speaker in 9 conferences, Session Chair in
  5 conferences
Throughout first-class-first academic career; recipient of 4 gold medals

4. Leadership Roles

Lead teams in 14 capacities as [cf.
Leadership Vision: Accomplishments and Goals PDF]:

2004-present, Convener, National Curriculum Revision Committee (NCRC) for Mathematics, Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan – BS, MS and PhD curricula prepared
2009-present, Convener, Subject Committee for Mathematics, National Testing Service Pakistan, Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan – BS, MS and PhD curricula prepared
1998-present, Project Director, the NGDS Pilot Project, KU – project conducted in collaboration with the Armed Forces of Pakistan

2003-2006, Chairman, Department of Mathematics, KU
2003-2006, Chairman, Board of Studies, Department of Mathematics, KU – BSc, BSc (Honors) and BS curricula prepared and approved

2003-2006, Convener, Program in Industrial and Business Mathematics, KU

4.1 Leadership-Development
2002-present, Program Convener, The Early Talent Research Participation Program, KU – Grooming future leaders

5. Professional Mannerism

Setting and Realizing Goals, by proper planning, execution (breakup into targets), monitoring and evaluation,
  without compromising ethics and principles (means are as important as goals)
Achieving Efficiency and Effectiveness, through knowledge, skill and attitude,  without affecting relationships
Creating Opportunities for faculty, staff and students by mentoring and effective delegation, with adequate
  follow through, follow up and positive re-enforcement

5.1 Strengths
Honesty. Integrity. Knowledge. Ethical and Principled Approach. Networking Capability. Detail Oriented. Discipline. Devotion and Determination. Oral and Written Communication. Out-of-Box Thinking.

6. Education

6.1 University Education

The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland 21218, USA, MA, 1986
Program of Studies Included: General Relativity and Cosmology. Stellar Structure and Evolution.
Advanced Laboratory. Advanced Quantum Mechanics.
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana 47405, USA, MS, 1982
Program of Studies Included: Kinetic Theory & Statistical Mechanics. Scattering Theory. Theory of Gravitation. Nuclear Physics. Quantum Field Theory. Solid State Physics. Advanced Electricity & Magnetism. Particle Physics.
University of Karachi, Karachi 75270, Sindh, Pakistan, PhD, 1993, MSc, summa cum laude, 1977, BSc (Honors), summa cum laude, 1976
Program of Studies Included: Quantum Mechanics. High Energy Physics. Ionospheric Physics. Space
Physics. Lattice Dynamics. Nuclear Structure & Reactions. Mathematical Methods. Statistical Techniques. Linear Algebra. Differential Equations. Solid State Physics.

6.2 Pre-University Education
Government College
, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan [1971-73]

Government Comprehensive High School, Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan [1966-71]
Modern High School, Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan [1962-65]

6.3 Other Certification
Directorate of Education, Hyderabad, Pakistan, the Intermediate Grade Drawing Examination, 1972
Subjects Qualified: Geometrical Drawing. Freehand Drawing. Nature Drawing. Object Drawing. Memory. Design.

7. Academic Honors

7.1 Academic Distinctions
Throughout first class first position; topped the list of candidates of entire University in BSc (Hons) and MSc
  semester examinations conducted by University of Karachi
Four gold medals for scholastic achievements (these medals included “Philips Electrical Company of Pakistan
  Gold Medal”, awarded by University of Karachi)

7.2 Scholarships Awarded


Merit Scholarship since class nine through MSc [1969-77]


The Quaid-é-Azam Scholarship to attend the Johns Hopkins University [1983-86]

7.3 Academic Summary


Degree or Certificate

Awarding Authority

Percentage of Marks









(broke BISE record; distinction in all subjects)





(Prize in Object Drawing for best picture)









BSc (Hons)

(A+ grade in all subjects;
first position in University of Karachi)





(A+ grade in all subjects;
first position in University of Karachi)





(Fourteen hours of research at Indiana University School of Medicine)





(worked on a project with Department of Chemical Engineering)





(developed a model of electrical and magnetic activity of brain)



8. Experience

8.1 Research
Research experience in both the industrial and the university environments (
Indiana University,
the Johns Hopkins University, the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, SUPARCO,

   University of Karachi); SUPARCO stands for “Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission”
Papers in ‘3-D-Optical Imaging and Image Processing’, ‘Applicable-Physical Mathematics’, ‘Biomathematics’,
  ‘Control Theory’, ‘Cosmology’, ‘Electromagnetism’, ‘Many-Body Theory’, ‘Mathematical Modeling’,  ‘Relativity’ and
  ‘Space-Flight Dynamics’
8.2 Teaching
Conducted large classes having enrollment of more than 100 students
Courses taught included ‘Applicable-Physical Mathematics’, ‘Astrodynamics’, ‘Astronomy’, ‘Biomathematics’,

  ‘Computational-Linear Algebra’, ‘Dynamical-System Analysis’, ‘Electromagnetism’, ‘Numerical Computing’,
  ‘Science, Technology and International Relations’ and ‘Space-Flight Dynamics’

8.3 Administration
Prepared PC-1 for Department of Mathematics, University of Karachi and won development grant of Rs 2 million,
  annually, for 3 years from National Center for Mathematics
As Chairman, Department of Mathematics, University of Karachi supervised a staff of 33 and over 700 students,
  in addition to dealing with the university administration

Prepared PC-1 forms (with two other mathematics faculty) for the proposed Institute of Mathematical

   Sciences, University of Karachi [1998], Mathematics Research Facility Wing [2004] and National Center
   for Mathematics
As Founding Project Director of the NGDS Pilot Project launched and managed a national-level project and
  collected data on over 2500 children [1998-present]; NGDS stands for “National Growth and Developmental
  Standards for the Pakistani Children”
As Head, Department of Mathematics and Physics, DHA Degree College, supervised a staff of 5 and dealt with
  local suppliers [1991-92]

Managed admissions of MIBM (Masters in Industrial and Business Mathematics) students, Department of
  Mathematics, University of Karachi [1995‑96]; MIBM stands for “MSc (Industrial and Business Mathematics)”

Written Semester Activity Reports for Department of Mathematics, University of Karachi [1999]

Handled national suppliers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Member of Computer Procurement Committee at SUPARCO (Plant) [1991-92]

9. Work History

University of Karachi, Karachi 75270, Sindh, Pakistan
Principal Appointment
2007-present, Professor (BPS-21), Department of Mathematics — Research, Teaching, Administration &
2001-2006, Professor (BPS-20), Department of Mathematics — Research, Teaching & Administration
1995-2000, Associate Professor (BPS-19), Department of Mathematics Research, Teaching & Administration

Additional Responsibilities

2003-2006, Chairman, Department of Mathematics Administration, Research & Teaching

more) ………..
9.1 Visiting Positions
The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York 10461, USA
1990, Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Structural Biology and Biophysics)

more) ………..

10. Accomplishments

Contributions in the areas such as 3-D Optical Imaging, Mathematical & Computer Modeling, ……………………

details) ………

11. Professional Honors

11.1 Professional Distinctions
Selected Convener of National-Curriculum-Revision Committee (Mathematics), Higher Education Commission
  (HEC) [2004-present]
HEC-Approved PhD Supervisor
Appointed Assistant Professor (1989), Associate Professor (1995) and Professor (2001), all of them NUMBER
  ONE according to merit list, by
KU Syndicate

11.2 Biography (appears in)


Marquis' Who's Who in the World [Fifteenth Edition]


Marquis' Who's Who in Asia [First Edition]


Marquis’ Who’s Who in Science and Engineering [Tenth Edition]


Dictionary of International Biography (UK) [Twenty-Seventh Edition]


2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the Twenty-First Century

11.3 Awards
Research-Productivity Allowance awarded for the year 2003 by HEC
5 research grants (
KU 4; Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology 1)

12. Professional Activities

Professional activities at a glance spanning over twenty seven (27) years:

details) ………

13. Exhibitions, Seminars and Workshops Organized

Member, Organizing Committee, "The Thirty-Fifth All Pakistan Science Conference", Faculty of Science, KU
  [December 20-23, 2008]

Chief Organizer,
"Awards Seminar", Department of Mathematics, KU [January 28, 2006] — Chief Guest:
  Vice Chancellor

Member, Organizing Committee, “
“Space Science and Challenges of the Twenty-First Century”, ISPA-SUPARCO
  Collaborative Seminar (in connection with World Space Week),
KU [November 21, 2005]
Chief Organizer, Guest Research Seminar, “A New Equation Describing Heat Conduction”, Department of
KU [August 6, 2005] — Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. K. Razi Naqvi, Norweigian University of Science
  and Technology, Trondheim — Chief Guest: Vice Chancellor
Chief Organizer, “Industrial and Business Mathematics in the Third Millennium”, MIBM Grand Seminar,
  Department of Mathematics,
KU  [May 17, 2004]

Revived MIBM, Research and Students’ Seminar Series; initiated MPhil/PhD and Professional-Skills-Development
  Seminar Series during my tenure of chairmanship of Department of Mathematics,
KU [2003-2006]
Designed and prepared display for the stall of Department of Mathematics at
KU Alumni Reunion [February 28

  and March 1, 1998]
Member, Organizing Team, "PIBM-SCL Seminar — Application of Mathematics in the Financial Markets",

  Department of Mathematics, KU  [January 13, 1996]
Organized (with Dr. Junaid Ahmed Zubairi) a (monthly) seminar series at SUPARCO (Plant), Karachi [1992-93]
Incharge, Physics Section, Einstein Centenary Science Exhibition, Karachi Grammar School, Karachi
  [March 1979]

14. Colloquia, Guest Lectures, Presentations and Seminars Given

Role of Mathematics in the Clinical Sciences
The International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, Karachi, January 24, 2009 Details
more) ………..

15. Colleges, Conferences, Events, Seminars, Short Courses, Symposia and Workshops Attended

The Fourth Symposium on Compuational Complexities, Innovations and Solutions
Department of Mathematics, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbotabad, NWFP, Pakistan, 2009

Workshop on Physics
Department of Physics, Government College, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan, 2009

Early Warning Systems: Potential for Crisis Management and Regional Coöperation
The Hans Seidel Foundation and Department of International Relations,
KU, 2009

more) ………..

16. Skills

Written and verbal English communication like a native speaker

Excellent interpersonal skills

Can recite the Holy Quran with ‘tajweed’ (recitation hafs-al-asim)

16.1 Human Resource

Team Management and Leadership. Mentoring. Goal Setting and Achieving. Behavior-Based Interviewing.

16.2 Project Related
Creative Thinking. Critical Analysis. Problem Solving. Project Management. Technical Writing.

16.3 Networking
Seminar-Series Organization. Workshop Organization. Communication Skills. Presentation Skills. Relationship Building. Conflict Resolution.

16.4 3-D Imaging & Image Processing
3-D Optical Imaging Techniques:
Moiré Fringe Topography. Rasterstereography. Holography.
Image-Processing Package: SPIDER (System for Processing Image Data in Electron Microscopy and Related Fields).

16.5 Mathematical
Natural ability to formulate a problem using mathematical framework

Mathematical modeling of physical and physiological systems

16.6 Statistical
SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences)

16.7 Computing

PC Administration. Database Management. Interfacing. Networking. Installation. Wordprocessing.
Systems, Environments & Packages:
DOS. WINDOWS (98, XP). VAX/VMS 5.2. VAXstation 3100.
DEC Windows/DECnet. OFFICE 2000 (Word, Power Point).
Designing. Development. Maintenance.

16.8 Laboratory
The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Advanced Laboratory, 1983-84
Computerized-Data Collection. Mössbauer Spectroscopy.
The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA
Biophysics Laboratory, 1990
Workstation Networking. Image Processing. Fast Freeze. Ultracentrifuge. Microscope. Spectrophotometer.

17. Languages

Know more than 6 languages…….


18. Community

18.1 Public Appearances
March 9, 2011, Guest of Honor, Inter Branch Tournaments 2011, the City School, Southern Region, Physical Education Department, Karachi
February 20, 2009,
Judge, Mathematics Category, Science Olympiad, the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Karachi
April 19, 2008, Guest of Honor, Annual-Prize-Distribution Ceremony 2008, Government Degree College, Malir Cantonment, Karachi

March 7, 2008, Judge, Mathematics Category, Science Olympiad, the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Karachi
January 31, 2008, Judge, Electrical Engineering Category, Poster Session 2008, ACM Student Chapter, Usman Institute of Technology Computer Society, Karachi

January 24, 2008, Guest of Honor, Jalsa-é-Seerat-un-Nabi (Day of Our Holy Prophet: Peace be Upon Him), Government Degree College, Malir Cantonment, Karachi
August 20, 2007, Guest of Honor, Independence Celebration, Markaz-é-Umeed (School for Special Children), Federal 'B' Area, Karachi (opening remarks of the function)
March 26, 2006,
Chief Guest, Outstanding-Achievers-Celebration Function, Beacon Light Academy, Karachi
March 25, 2006,
Chief Guest, Annual-Prize-Distribution Ceremony 2006, Government Degree College, Malir Cantonment, Karachi

18.2 Media
April 12, 2009 (1815h), Quran aur Science (Quran and Science), Indus News TV, recorded on April 7, 2009 (paths in the sky)
March 1, 2009 (2315h), Quran aur Science (Quran and Science), Indus News TV, recorded on February 27, 2009 (the death of sun)
February 3, 2009 (2110h), Bazm-é-Talba (Students’ Assembly), Radio Pakistan I, Karachi, 828 MHz, recorded on February 2, 2009 (career opportunities in mathematics)

February 3, 2009 (1930h), Bhaid (Mystery), Express News TV, recorded on January 13, 2009 (light)

January 6, 2009 (1930h), Bhaid (Mystery), Express News TV, recorded on December 27, 2008 (black hole)
November 14, 2008 (1930h), Quran aur Science (Quran and Science), Indus News TV (universe and cosmos)
July 12, 2008 (1910h), Aap Bataen ya Hum (You Tell or We), Indus News TV, recorded on July 1, 2008 (expansion of universe, contribution of Muslims to theory of relativity)

June 28, 2008 (1910h), Aap Bataen ya Hum (You Tell or We), Indus News TV, recorded on June 18, 2008 (orbits of planets, centrifugal and centripetal forces)
May 13, 2008 (1630h), Science and Technology, Geo News TV, recorded on May 3, 2008 (science policy)
June 24, 2007 (1605h), Bil-Mushafa (Face to Face) Radio Pakistan, Karachi 828 MHz: Recorded Interview (growth modeling of children)
December 19, 2006 (1200h-1300h),
Aik Mukammal Gharana (A Complete Household), Apna Karachi FM 107:
Live Interview (the NGDS Pilot Project)
June 5, 2006 (recording date), Muslim Scientists, Aaj TV (Muslim mathematicians)

19. Co-Curricular

Co-curricular activities at a glance:


20. Personal

(Late) Mr. Syed Ishtiaq Raza, MA, BEd (an educationist)
(Late) Mrs. Asia Khatoon
May 23, 1956
Marital Status:
Married, one child
Blood Group:
Star: Gemini
20.1 Countries Visited
India, Saudi Arabia
European: Austria, Germany, Italy, Sweden
North American: USA
20.2 Hobbies

Science awareness in the society
Photographing landscape
Traveling and studying various cultures

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